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the user's purchasing motivation was far less than that of the show mode. You heard a stranger sing very well. , you will first say "wow" to express your amazement, and then you will feel disappointed that Latest Mailing Database you can't sing well. As a diaosi, you will be compared by someone who sings better than you, instead of watching the video A plump woman with Latest Mailing Database a twisted waist is babbling, which creates a strong desire for onlookers to reward her. But it's different now. With O2O, offline venues provide you with a social platform.


In the past, you may not have enough motivation to send flowers, but now you send flowers, maybe you can invite him (her) to meet and socialize with the mini bag. I believe that in the follow-up product Latest Mailing Database optimization, Singba will continue to strengthen the function of singing friends near strangers, and combine it with "send flowers" to have a closer Latest Mailing Database product. "Sending flowers" is the beginning of social needs. Of course, you will say that before the offline KTV is acquired, users can also make an appointment to meet by singing it. But I think this ratio is not high.


First, Sing Bar has not done too much in the product of making friends before; second, if you have been too partial to making friends before, you will not sing at Sing Bar, and you will meet offline or Latest Mailing Database go to other KTVs to sing. For Singba, it is the loss of user's stay time, but now even if users want to socialize, they go to Singba's offline KTV for consumption. Latest Mailing Database This consumption is closed-loop, and the money is returned to Singba. All in all, controlling the charges for offline singing through the acquisition of offline KTVs is a