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Wechat Version 6.5.4 Supports Fuzzy Search, Can Country Email List You Make It?

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Hello, you and I will meet at 7:30. The Product Manager Daily will continue to bring you the latest information today: the applet has finally changed, and the latest version 6.5.4 of Country Email List WeChat supports fuzzy search; Didi Chuxing released the "2017 The Big Data Report on Car Rentals during the Spring Festival, reveals the characteristics of self-driving tours during the Spring Festival; according to The Economist, nearly half of China's 710 million netizens use Country Email List live streaming applications... [Recommended by good text] @Guess it: Several small functions that the WeChat team is scheduling As a national app, WeChat is not only a social app, but also a platform with infinite possibilities.


With 700 million active users in hand, WeChat has its own considerations for what to do, what not to do, what to do first, and what to do later. Users think that adding a function that would be great, WeChat must have considered it, but it has not been implemented at present. There are two possibilities. One is that this Country Email List function is abandoned for some reason; the other is the scheduling problem. More important functions to do. 【Daily Question】 @tiantianquest : After the WeChat applet was exclaimed today as "full moon", how many people are still using it ? It has been a month since the applet was launched as scheduled on January 9, 2017.


When the Mini Program was Country Email List first launched, it immediately caused headlines on the forums of major technology media websites, and everyone in the WeChat circle was also very excited to discuss it. But it is surprising that in the past month, the Mini Program seems to have less discussion about it. There are fireworks released, and Country Email List in everyone's sight, it has a sense of "short-lived". Although Zhang Xiaolong, the father of WeChat, has a clear and clear positioning of the applet, the applet feels a bit like H5, like a website, like a WeChat official account, which is better than the former applet experience, lower development costs, and easier to use. Convenient. Now that everyone's popularity and attention to Mini Programs are gradually decreasing, what will the future of Mini Programs be like? Where is its commercial value?

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